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That’s why calculating consulting fees is a critical skill to learn. But in 2016, I had no idea how to run my consulting business. It’s hard to figure out your consulting rates because you can charge whatever you want. If you’re a freelance consultant, calculating consulting fees can be one of the most challenging aspects of your business. It doesn’t matter whether the organization has a business plan in place yet or not.

average consulting fees

An hourly rate might be appropriate when the project is short-term and you don’t know the exact scope. In this article, we’ll discuss some fundamental tips on pricing yourself, as well as how to charge for consulting based on different payment methods. We’ll also talk about how to communicate and negotiate your consulting fees with potential clients. When it comes to figuring out your own rates, there are a lot of other factors to consider! This statistic depicts the average consulting project fees worldwide in 2018, broken down by fee range.

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But, as you can see, it takes an experienced consultant to make it work. Instead of “pitching” your client, you’re collaborating with the client on different ways to help them achieve their goals. Give your client 3 options in your proposal, and allow them to choose their level of risk. Ask the prospect if $117K in revenue would mean the project was a success. The intangible value is the project’s emotional and subjective factors that influence the buyer’s decision. The value conversation is where you ask questions to your client to uncover where they want to be — and agree on the value of a successful project.

At the same time, they are not ready to pay according to ROI. The simple idea to get your hourly rate is to divide the amount of salary by 50 weeks. These are the total weeks you will work for in a month, excluding the vacations. Divide this number by 40, that is the average number of working hours every week. You should never undercharge a client, especially when charging by the hour.

Factors that impact hourly rates

Instead, your rate will vary based on your expertise, experience, education, and industry. You want to make $200,000 per year working 20 billable hours per week. Most consultants that use value-based pricing have experience and previously established trust.

  • Business plans can be created to target different goals, such as gaining investment funding, preparing for loans or branching out into a new market or specialty.
  • This answer varies for everyone, so you’re not going to find a golden number anywhere.
  • If you’re performing business-altering work, that has a financial price tag to it, as well.
  • Recurring revenue can provide a higher sense of security because you know you have predictable income coming in each month.

Consultants who are specialists and make it clear in their marketing are more than twice as likely to have most of their consulting income from retainer-based work. For example, since the successful completion of your project would result in $117K in new revenue for your client, you can calculate different ROI levels. With every value-based price, you want to create a 3-10x ROI for your client. Remember, you are charging based on the ROI you will create. For example, helping your client generate 3 clients per month will generate $18K in monthly recurring revenue.


You’ll know how much you need to charge to maintain your current lifestyle and start your own company after you figure out how much money you’re making now and what you need to pay for. If you’re only providing a small service or project, you’ll likely charge less than if you’re taking on a larger project with more responsibility. Some clients will start the conversation by proposing their standard rates, while others will ask what you charge.

If you’re offering a 1-hour consulting session, consider the amount of prep work necessary and if your client will be able to send any post-consultation follow-up questions. These might seem like small additions, but they can start to add up quickly. No matter your level of experience, https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ the Consulting Success® team can help you raise your consulting fees. 48.67% of consultants lowered their fees to win clients in the past, but don’t do it anymore. 14.26% of consultants have not done a performance deal and are not interested in this pricing strategy.

Average Consulting Rates By Industry

Welcome to the definitive guide on consulting fees and their pricing structure. This is the simplest guide that will allow you to understand the consulting services and their pricing. Maybe you create websites or develop marketing plans — no matter what you do, you’re bound to get better at it the more you do it. You could raise your hourly fee to compensate, but clients may have a hard time swallowing the higher hourly rate. Value based pricing is a strategy focused on the value your consulting services create from your consulting services.

average consulting fees

According to the Payoneer survey, which covered 150 countries and over 7,000 freelancers around the world, freelancers on average make $21/hour. If you want to stay firm in this business, keeping yourself confident is the only way to go. When you change your mind and listen only to others, it will not take you anywhere. As we have discussed previously, if you are not ready to negotiate, there is no reason you should. It is up to the consultant what they can have, like the lowest rate.

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Depending on what kind of projects a management consultant is asked to work on, a retainer may be appropriate. Another way to consider charging your client is to propose a retainer. A retainer is a fee paid in advance in order to secure or keep services whenever they’re required. This will take some time and some tweaking before you find the sweet spot in pricing. You may find that your price is scaring off potential clients. This either means that you are charging too much or that you haven’t identified your ideal customer yet.

average consulting fees

41.63% of consultants have never priced their services based on value because they don’t know how. With these factors in mind, you can start building the framework of the consulting rate you’d like to charge. Using a formula or fee calculator like the examples listed below is a good jumping-off point. https://www.globalcloudteam.com/it-consulting-rates-software-consulting-fees-rates-in-2022/ Depending on the client or project, you may adjust your structure or choose a different model to charge entirely. You don’t have to pick just one model to work with – it’s fine to switch it up as long as both you and your client are comfortable with the pricing and you’re transparent about any costs.

Average consulting project fees worldwide in 2018

In essence, there is no ceiling to the hourly rates consultants can charge , they are therefore entitled to charge whatever they feel they are worth and what the market bears. When creating a fee structure, it’s important to remember that you’re providing a valuable service to your clients. By charging a fair price, you not only ensure that you’re making a good income, but you also show your clients that you’re worth their investment. Keep these things in mind when establishing your fees, and you’ll be able to charge what your services are worth. There are a few key factors that you should consider when setting your consulting services fee. If you’re just starting, you may want to charge less than someone who has been in the industry for many years.